Happy Primary School Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct is a set of rules that govern the Body of Students at Happy Primary
Teachers will take time within each term to explain the rules and regulations that govern
students conduct.
Responsibility for the overall discipline rests with the School Management comprising the
Principal and school management.
The school endeavors to provide with Christian values and believes in discipline that is
firm, fair and just. It looks to the parents’ body for support in its effort to provide an
environment in which students are secure and safe. In this regard all parties involved will
be considered whenever issues involving discipline are being discussed.
The purpose of The Code of Conduct is
To ensure fair and equal treatment of all students.
To ensure that corrective action is done timeously should there be an act of indiscipline
or unsatisfactory performance
Principles of the Code
The Code shall be applicable to all students including the Prefects’ Body.
It is the responsibility of all the Staff members, Prefects body and students’ body at
large to uphold the Code of Conduct at all times.
Expectations from Happy Primary School students:
1) Attendance
All pupils must:
Attend on every occasion that the school is in session, unless ill, or unless prior
permission has been given. The Deputy Head will use discretion on discipline for
student absence. Students who miss either 5 consecutive days or 30 or more
unapproved days will automatically be deregistered with no further discussion.
Arrive in school no later than 07:25am, unless involved in a supervised School
activity. If a student is late more than 3 times in a month, the student will be sent
back home. Students must also be collected from school by 4:00pm (Monday -
Thursday) and 2:30pm (Friday), late collection will attract a late collection fee of
5units per family.
A note, signed by either a parent or a medical practitioner must be submitted to the
Principal/Deputy Headmaster/Class Teacher to explain each and every absence
from school.
Attend all classes, games and activities as shown on individual timetables.
Remain on the school premises until the end of each school day;
If feeling ill during the course of the school day, the student must go to the
Administration (going home without permission from the Principal or Deputy Head
or Administration staff is not permitted);
If present in school but unable to take part in school Games or Physical Education
classes, bring a letter of explanation from parents/guardian to the Deputy Head
Request permission from teachers prior to being absent from class.
Wear uniform in line with School Uniform Regulations at all times when uniform is
2) Attitude and behavior
All pupils must:
a) Set high standards of behavior for themselves, whether outside school or inside
school and on the journey to and from school, or when involved in school activities;
b) Take responsibility for their behavior, attitude and appearance at all times;
c) Show courtesy and consideration for all other pupils, teaching and ancillary staff,
students senior to them and visitors to the school at all times.
d) Observe and adhere to all safety instructions given to them.
e) Arrive in each class on time, with the correct materials and resources and with all
necessary preparatory work and homework completed on time to the best of their
f) Follow instructions given by all teachers, ancillary staff and School Prefects at all
g) Take responsibility for their own possessions and belongings, ensuring that where
possible, all are clearly marked with their name.
h) Report any accident or breakage immediately to a member of staff.
i) Dress and haircut regulations as set out will at all times be adhered to.
j) Not engage in any anti-social behavior outside the school premises that may bring
the School into disrepute.
k) Not engage or found in inappropriate or compromising situations that involve
touching or physical contact with students of the same or opposite sex which may
be construed as indecent conduct.
l) Littering is strictly not allowed. All litter is to be placed in the dustbin provided.
m) Pupils are to refrain from any form of bullying. The school has a zero tolerance to
bullying and any form of bullying will be treated with the severity it deserves.
n) Pupils are not to accompany parents for refreshments provided for visitors. Pupils
much go to the designated areas.
o) The school has a zero tolerance to vandalism. Student must keep school property
walls and property clean and undamaged.
p) Students must use toilets with respect and they must always leave the toilet as clean
as they would have found them. Student must wash their hands, flush toilets after
each use.
q) Students must always wear clean uniform in line with the school’s uniform policy
r) Students must observe and follow rules regarding demarcation of the school.
s) Follow the covid-19 and any other healthy protocols as stipulated by the
health authorities.
3) Conduct Online
When the school is conducting online lessons, pupils must;
a) Attend all online lessons conducted by the school as shown on timetables issued out.
b) There must be a quick transition between lessons.
c) If your teacher is not online within five minutes of the start of the lesson, students
must revise previous work done or complete any pending tasks given.
d) When lessons begin and greetings are over, you should immediately turn-off your
microphone and only turn it on when you are given permission by the teacher.
e) Pay attention. General disruption of other students such as unauthorized switching
on of microphones, communicating or participating in other unauthorized groups on
school online platforms will not be tolerated.
f) During class discussions, signal the teacher through available options and wait for
your teacher to give you permission to turn on your microphone to contribute. Do
not turn on your microphone to speak out of turn, particularly when your teacher is
g) Bring a note-book and material to lessons (where necessary) to write down
important points and notes.
h) Take responsibility for their behavior and attitude online at all times.
i) Thank your teacher politely at the end of the lesson for your lesson.
Students must not (on any school online platform);
(a) Pupils are to refrain from any form online abuse. The school has a zero tolerance to
online abuse and bullying. Any form of online abuse or bullying must be
immediately reported to the parent/ guardian who should in turn inform the school.
(b) Create unauthorized meetings/ groups.
(c) Turn on the microphone (without the teacher’s permission) to disturb lessons, call
or disturb other students during lessons.
(d) Share indecent content, use offensive language or participate in any unauthorized
activities that may cause harm to themselves or other students. Any student(s)
exhibiting such behavior must be immediately reported to school authorities.
4) Respect
In all cases there should be an ethos of “respect for the individual” no matter who
they may be or where they are.
Employees of the school are part of the community. They deserve our full respect at
all times.
At all times it is essential to respect other people and their property or belongings,
particularly the property of the school.
Any adult or visitor must at all times be accorded the same respect as that to a staff
member. This applies as fully to any Happy Primary School parent who may in the
course of the year be offering their services at the school or any of its functions.
Greet staff and visitors cheerfully and confidently. If you are sitting, stand up to
greet someone.
Offer assistance to any adult or other visitor to the school in a cheerful and confident
Stand up to speak to people, especially staff and other visitors.
Do not have your hands in pockets when addressing people.
If you are wearing a hat, lift it to greet someone or remove it when talking to a
member of staff or a prefect.
Causing a disturbance when someone else is trying to concentrate, study or work is
a selfish act. Respect other people’s space and right to work.
Arriving late for registration, class, meetings, fixtures, games and practices shows a
selfish lack of regard for others’ time and effort.
Apologize when you are in the wrong. Sincerity is the mark of good behavior.
5) Classroom Discipline
j) There must be quick movement between classes.
k) There must be orderly arrival and departure from laboratories - line up quietly
outside the laboratories and wait to be called in.
l) If your teacher has not arrived within five minutes of the start of the lesson, a
member of the class must inform a Deputy Headmaster.
m) Stand quietly behind the desk until greetings are over and you are given permission
by the teacher to sit.
n) Sit up straight and pay attention. Messing about in class, fighting, and any form of
general disruption will not be tolerated.
o) During class discussions, put your hand up and wait for your teacher to invite you
to speak. Do not shout out questions or answers or speak out of turn, particularly
when your teacher is talking.
p) Neatness and accuracy as well as high levels of presentation must be aimed for.
q) Take pride in your work by ensuring correct dates and headings are used, accurate
numbering is followed, there is a neat layout of notes and work, orderly correction
is undertaken and neat diagrams and illustrations are drawn.
r) Bring the correct books and material to lessons. This requires forward planning and
attention to your timetable before the day starts.
s) If a member of staff or a visitor talks into the classroom, you must stand up and
greet this person.
t) The classroom must be left in a tidy state: pick up all rubbish, straighten desks and
push the chairs in behind the desks. Do not leave any graffiti on the desks or walls.
Do not open or close the blinds/curtains unless you are told to do so by your
u) Remember that the bell is a signal for the teacher and not for you. Wait to be
dismissed before packing up and leaving.
v) Thank your teacher politely for your lesson.
6) Cleanliness
a) It is the responsibility of students to keep the classes clean.
b) Students must clean their homeroom classes before leaving school.
c) All books must be tidied and desks correctly and neatly line up in straight rows and
d) The floors must be clean and clear of any dirt before students leave.
7) Dress Code
Refer to the uniform policy for the school dress code.
General Unacceptable Behavior
Students must not;
a) Use offensive language or act in an offensive or violent manner towards any other
b) Bring into school any item or substance which will contravene school regulations.
c) Borrow, use or take away any item belonging to another person without clear
d) Intentionally damage School property or that belonging to another person.
e) Eat or drink in class, assembly, corridors, the bus, laboratories or in study areas
(pupils are permitted to drink still water in class only with the permission of their
f) Have mobile phones or any hand-held devices brought into the school premises.
g) Use the social networking platforms to circulate any information pertaining to the
school without the consent of the school authorities.
h) Record or send an image or sound without the permission of a member of staff and
the people being recorded.
i) Bring into school knives, other weapons or any dangerous items.
j) Leave the campus during school hours without a signed note from a Deputy
Headmaster or School Administrator.
Manuals and Detention
It must be noted that manuals, detention and any other form of punishment, take
precedence over any other activity. In general;
Manuals are deployed as punishment for a general disciplinary infringement.
Detentions are deployed as punishment for poor academic performance, including
not doing work or assignments on deadline.
Serious Misconduct
The Principal will invite the parent for a hearing to discuss continued or serious
misconduct which may lead to expulsion. The hearing will be presided by the school
disciplinary committee and the Principal. The decision of the disciplinary committee after
the hearing is final.
a) Any misconduct will be communicated in writing by the teacher to the
Principal/ Deputy Head.
b) At the discretion of the Principal/ Deputy Head, demerits will be issued.
c) The number of demerits will depend on the category in which the infraction
falls under, in the code of conduct.
d) Once a student reaches 15 demerits, the parent will be called in for a hearing.
A hearing will also be held for every misconduct falling in Category 4.
e) Before a hearing is called the Principal with the assistance of staff members
will at their discretion administer punishment and or detention.
The demerit system does not in any way limit a teacher, a prefect or anyone else in
authority from giving break time or lunch time detention.
Attending any social function, such as dances, cocktail evenings, dinners and any other
event hosted by the school is deemed to be a privilege for a student and not an entitlement
or a right. As such attendance is by invitation by the Principal or the Deputy Headmaster
and the privilege of attendance may be withdrawn if circumstances or breaches of the Code
of Conduct warrant it.
Every pupil works more enthusiastically and effectively when the good work they do is
recognized. The most valuable form of praise and encouragement is that offered by a
subject teacher. This can be offered verbally, during or at the end of a lesson, or as part of
the marking process.
Merits are issued for;
a) Voluntary community service.
b) Good conduct, helpfulness and leadership. Any reports of good conduct received
from the public in writing will earn merits.
c) Anything a pupil does which sets a new standard for them personally or for others
to follow.
d) Merits are awarded at the discretion of the Principal or Deputy Head after the same
referral process as the demerit system. Net balances of merits are accumulated to
earn the following prizes at the end of each term. Merits will expire at the end of
each term:
10 merits = certificate
15 merits = Principal’s award
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