Happy Primary School Transport Policy & Code of Conduct

(a)Transport Policy

(1)Before service is provided, all of the following terms and conditions should be met;

(i)The parent/ guardian must verify at the school reception if the preferred pick-up &

drop-off point is serviced by the busses before paying for and using the school transport service.

(ii)The transport fee should be paid in full.

(iii)The student must be registered in the school transport database for the specific term. Upon registration and full payment of the transport fee, a valid bus pass will be issued out by the school administration. Any student who uses the bus without registering in the transport database will be immediately removed from the bus without refund.

(2)Once the above conditions are met, the parent/ guardian must ensure that;

(i)It is a parent/ guardian’s responsibility to ensure that a student is at the pick-up point and collector is at the drop-off point 5 – 10 minutes before the bus arrives. If a learner is not at the pick-up point or a collector is not at the drop-off point when the bus arrives, the driver shall only wait for not more than one minute (60 seconds), upon which the driver shall drive off, if there is no sign of the learner/collector nearby. This will enable the bus to arrive at other pick-up/ drop-off points on time. In the afternoon, if a collector is not available at the drop-off point, the driver and the bus assistant will return the learner back to the school and the respective parent/ guardian have to collect the learner at the school. If a collector is not at the drop-off point 3 times in a school term, the student will be removed from transport without refund.

(ii)If a parent feels that their child is able to walk home from their drop-off point without the assistance of a helper, the parent must send an email to admin@happyprimaryschool.com informing the administration of this fact, failure to do so the child will not be permitted to drop-off at the drop-off and alone without a collector and will be returned to the school.

(iii)If the designated collector changes at the student's drop-off point, please introduce the new helper to the bus assistant and driver, before this arrangement can be enforced.



Failure to introduce the new collector, the driver or assistant will not hand-over the student to the collector and the child will be returned to school.

(iv)Our transport staff, which includes the driver, bus assistant and teachers as well are not permitted to accept any payments for school fees, transport fees or any other payments on the bus. All payments must be done at the school reception. The school shall not be liable for any and all losses suffered by a parent/ guardian who makes any payments, lending or giving valuables to any transport staff or teacher outside of the school premises.

(v)Our transport routes are clearly defined and our bus routes are safe for our busses to travel in and for learners to embark and disembark and shall not be diverted or altered under any circumstance unless it is beyond our control. Payment for transport should be done with clear understanding and in agreement with all the terms and conditions.

(vi)The parent/guardian should ensure that they have their route driver’s contact details and or the facilities manager contact details for all transport related issues.

(3)Transport fee refunds attract a 5% administration fee being deducted from the amount to be refunded.

(4)The school does not offer “door to door” services.

(b)Code Of Conduct

The purpose of the code is to ensure safety for students who use Happy Primary School Transport services and also reliability to parents/ guardians. Students are therefore required to;

(1)Students are required to present a valid bus pass on a daily basis to the bus assistant or school administrators. To make it easier for the student and bus assistant/ school administrators, please place the valid bus pass in a lanyard.

(2)Upon entering the bus, students should immediately take their seats and should remain seated until they reach their destination.

(3)Strictly NO eating or drinking on the bus.

(4)No standing on seats, no heads through windows and no vandalism shall be tolerated.

(5)Students must abide to all instructions given to them by the driver, bus assistant or teachers at all times.

(6)Students should always be polite and disciplined when relating with other students and with staff members in the bus therefore no unruly behavior will be tolerated on the bus.

(7)Unnecessary habitual delays at pick-up and drop-off points shall not be tolerated.



(8)Any purposeful damage caused by a student(s) to the bus will result in an invoice of the cost of repairs being sent to the child’s parents/ guardian.

(c)COVID-19 specific rules when using the school bus

(1)All students are required to wear full school uniform and a face mask.

(2) A parent/guardian/helper must wait with the student at the bus stop in the morning because we will be temperature checking all our students. Any student with a body temperature recording of 37.1 degrees Celsius or more will not be permitted onto the bus and the affected student will need to go back home.

(3)Please ensure that any student that has ANY illness stays at home. Any unwell student will not be allowed to board any of the school busses.

Any reported flouting of these rules will incur a warning up to a maximum of 3 warnings. After 3 warnings, the student will no longer be permitted to use any of the school buses for the remainder of the term with no refund.